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Prompt for the Day: Daily Ritual

My personal daily ritual in blogging begins with a visit to the Daily Post which is from WordPress.  Today they suggested we write about Daily Ritual.  Humorous if you consider my daily ritual begins with a quick jaunt over to their site to inquire what the daily post is for the day!  That’s a case of shameless self promotion, if I ever saw it.  They must have been some of the gossip girls you here about on T.V. all the time.  At least my daily rituals do not include killing a sacrificial victim of some sort!  No blood lost or shed in my daily rituals!

No virgins throats slit high atop of a mountain here.  No mountains, in the first place.  No virgins in this household either.  Guess that puts us shitty out of luck, if that is a required component to the ritual!  Could always sacrifice a neutered cat, considering he is pretty well worthless other wise.  He just eats cat food and makes messes.  Sheds his grey fur all over the house.  When he is not buy shedding, he barfs up the fur he ingested while taking his vigorous baths.

Apparently, the animal likes to be petted, but after you finish petting it, he has to take an instantaneous bath to remove your sent from his fur.  How dare you make his fur stink by putting your filthy hands all over his body?  The cat’s daily ritual includes many vigorous bath sessions of slurping noise and slimming slobber all over his coat of grey fur.  The animal literally drives me nuts!

At least the cat has finally stopped biting me all the time.  He now has started to try to chew on my husband.  Keep telling the stupid animal that we are both bigger than he is, but he does not see it our way.  Considering my husband is over 6 feet tall, you think the four year old animal would have noticed this fact by now!  I wouldn’t hold my breathe on the issue.  He is an extremely dorky cat!