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Complicated is the Prompt for the Day

The apparent members of the Brain Trust located at the Daily Post division of Word Press want us to create works of art based on the concept of “Complicated” for today.

Life Is Complicated Today

Just take a look at the current political situation with the United States of America’s up coming elections.  The one running in the Democratic Party is a bold faced liar, that I wouldn’t trust a single clipped penny!  The gentleman running in the Republican Group talks off the cuff, ignoring what his speech writers have prepared for him to say.  I like the fact he speaks how he feels, but offending foreign countries may not be the smart way to proceed.

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Am extremely glad we have no children by choice.  Would not want them to be exposed to the school systems that are in operation for our country’s future generations!  How much longer will the American version of the English language be what is spoken here?  Do you still believe American kids should be taught English?

Who knows where the the future will lead us?  Maybe years down the road, human life will be wiped from the Earth by our own stupidity!  Too many bombs and wars wiping the planet free of all living creatures.  Could happen if we don’t change our ways.

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