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Today’s Daily Prompt: “Comedy of Errors “

The prompt given to us for today by the devious minds from the Daily Post group of Word Press is “Comedy of Errors”  Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!  My life is a testament to the truth of this law!

Am probably the only person who can still trip over her own feet, even though am no longer able to walk!  Have fallen out of bed so many times, that I now have to have a railing on my side of the bed to keep me from trying to get up to go for a moon light stroll as I lay down sleeping.

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Managed to fall off the urologist’s exam table while laying down after an examination.  One second laying on my back on the table, next second face down on the exam room floor!  My husband was in the room throwing paper away.  He says I passed out.  I thought passing out would have left me out on the table where I started from.  Did one heck of a number to my glasses.  Thankfully, still had an older pair that would let me get by, since I can’t see without them on my face.

One might accuse me of being drunk, but have not had an once of liquor in my body since I went sober, years ago.  Cannot mix alcohol with my current medications.  The medicines I take to help me survive with my multiple sclerosis, help force me to stay sober.  That is about the only good thing I can say about being on my medicines.  They are outrageously expensive and getting my infusions is very time consuming.

Thankfully, the manufacturer of the drug helps us foot the bill a little, or we would end up being forced out onto the streets!  My husband is employed.  I am not able to get employment, because of my body’s instability.  Haven’t been able to drive literally for years.