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Creating a Feature on my blog Updating how my Infusions are affecting my Multiple Sclerosis

Our assignment for today with the Blogging 101 course was to create a Feature to add to our blogs.  Since most of my blog posts deal with my health in some way or another I am creating an Infusion Update category that I want to include in my blogs at least by evening on every Thursday.

My infusions tend to always go well, it is just what happens on the 28 days between each infusion that is interesting.  Some times end up with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) because my immune system is lower than most people’s is due to the drug that is infused in my body.  Also means I tend to get sicker than normal.  If my husband is exposed to the slightest bug at work, it may not affect him, but I’ll end up coming down with whatever bug is going around.

Got a call from the manufacturer of the drug Tysarbi, which I get infused into my body every 28 days, today.  The lady wanted to know how the medicine was preforming for me.  Explained that it worked great back in 2010 when I started on it.  But by early 2012, the great feeling I had gotten from the lessening of symptoms started wearing off after 3 weeks.  By 2014 the good feelings would last only 2 and a half weeks.  Now I have total loss of cordnation after two weeks.

Only 5 more days until my next Tysarbi infusion!  Fortunately, our house is set up for me to move around in safely with during my periods of no coordination.  Especially since I am uncoordnated except for the 2 weeks after my infusions!