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Carry is the Prompt for Today

The weaklings at the Daily Post division of Word Press want us to think of creating works of art representing the word “Carry“/

Music First

Carry On My Wayward Son by the music group Kansas.

Try to Lug Your Canoe Across Land

That is how the Native American Indians used to carry their possessions from place to place.  Tribes relocated following food sources back in the old days.  My Great Grandmother passed away long before I was born.  She may have had to deal with these life experiences in her time.  Unfortunately, I truly doubt she did because she was confined on a federal reservation for her “kind”.  Talk about discrimination!

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Never got to engage in a conversation with her

Wish I had been able to meet her!  Grandpa says I think just like she did.  We could have carried on for hours about the disrespect young people show their elders today!  Do you have any ancestors you wish you could have met?

Live my life carrying guilt about the problems I have caused my family due to my crappy health problems.  On the positive side, at least I no longer have to transport heavy bales of hay!


Please Help Fight Evil Disease

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Another Peaceful Sunday – Here Lately a Period of Peace Is a Rare Blessing!

With all the killings in the news, it is hard to let our children feel safe and protected.  Kids and the elderly need to live in an environment were they feel safe.  Schools and nursing homes are not the safe havens they used to be.

Teachers are there to educate our children.  They should not be forced to physically defend the kids safety. Unfortunately, it has been coming down to that here recently.  So once again we are reminded what heroes our teachers really are.

Protecting kids today is a full time job our teachers were not trained to do, but they have been exceeding our expectations with flying colors.  They really need to be licensed to carry concealed weapons to defend against the lunatics that have been crawling out of the wood work, here lately.

I used to love escaping to school to be with my friends and escape my family.  I hated summer vacation and holiday breaks.  Most of my teachers in grade and high school were my mentors, that I respected and looked up to.

Our elders are someone else that children can learn a lot from.  My grandpa used to tell me about all the years he had spent serving in our navy.  I learned more history from him than I ever learned at school.  I will never forget our military personnel on veterans day, Pearl Harbor day, or memorial day.

I married my husband because he reminded me of grandpa.  What are the odds of the two men being the same height?  My husband also has the same attitudes my grandpa had.  The same hair color too!

My grandpa was 50% American black foot Indian.  He also taught me about my great grandmother’s life on the reservation in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, she passed away before my mother was born, so I have never had the honor of meeting her.

Today’s little ones do not get the knowledge we have been graced with from our ancestors, due to the fact few of them are still alive.  There are not many people still living that have lived through any of the World Wars.  I hope we will never live through another world war.

Today’s wars are fought on new fronts.  Cyber war fare and chemical weapons are the new tools of war.  Our new enemies are smaller than the ones in the World Wars.  Our new enemies are killing off their own populations!