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Plop is the Articulate Prompt for the Day

The possibly constipated or otherwise ill people at the Daily Post group of Word Press settled on the word “Plop” for us to base our daily creations on today.

Grew up Listening to Commercials

Today’s prompt made me think of an old commercial!  Alka-Seltzer’s commercial from the late 60’s.

Back then they actually made decent commercials with catchy tunes to them!  Who can forget when Coke decided to teach the world to sing?  Where did all the gifted commercial writers disappear to these days?  Hopefully they are living off their earnings from the old days when people enjoyed listening to their songs!  They deserve a break after a successful run on commercial television.

Do you remember commercials from when you were little?

Sort of Sad

That the only good memories from child hood came from commercials on the limited amount of T.V. reception we managed to get out in the middle of nowhere southern IL!  Could count the number of channels we could mange to receive on one hand and have a few fingers left over!

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Thankfully we were able to get P.B.S. on most days, since that was my main source of education.  Seasame Street and The Electric Company introduced me to the world of reading, or my endless source of knowledge as I call it!  All it took was some tin foil wrapped around the rabbit ear antennas, a little patience, and standing in the right location to view the magic of educational television.

The Rest of Time

There used to be decent sitcoms like M.A.S.H. and Welcome Back Kotter to help keep the family’s entertained.  None of the trash like people are exposed to today!

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