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Prompt for the Day: “Everything Changes”

The slow people at the Daily Post division of Word Press just realized a shocking reality! They chose today’s prompt to reflect the fact that “Everything Changes“.  They added three simple statements to our directions on what we should write about: “Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.”

The prompt made me think of an old episode of “The Brady Bunch” when one of the boy’s voice changed due to age.  For singer’s a voice change can be catastrophic!

Personally, the only thing I do with trash I find on the ground is to deposit it in the nearest trash receptacle.  Unless it is a self exploding piece of paper (they DO exist) it would not change my life in any way that I can imagine.

In the matter of recent changes in the World today, the act of owning a gun purchased legally in the USA has now come to be in question.  Thought we were supposed to have the right to defend our families!  Apparently, 9/11/2001 changed all of that.  Now Americans are joining the people who attacked our country to try to engage in jihads here in our own country!

We have decent neighbors in the house we live in here in Minnesota.  Have no fear of using my wheelchair outside here at home.  Rarely hear guns going off (then it is at the start of a race or something like that), police drive down the street fairly regularly.

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Prompt for the day-“Free Association Writing”

None of my normal sources of writing inspiration had any prompts available for today, so dug up an old entry from Prompt Stomp week number 6 that I had not used yet. The prompt is “Free Association Writing“.

Have gotten needed inspiration from

The Prompt Stomp before so it was were I should have looked first, unfortunately now that sources like all my other places I normally rely on must have been to shaken by the tragedy in Paris, France on the 13th of this month.  Come on people, just like 9/11/2001 in the US you just have to move on with life!

Evil is first thing that comes to mind

Followed by destruction, loss of lives, wasteful massacres, blood baths, I could keep going indefinitely.  What is the point of mourning the lives lost, if we do nothing to help prevent the next time from happening?  Apparently monitoring the border crossings of existing countries is not helping any place here on Earth!  Think China may have been on the right track when they built the Great Wall years ago.  The population may not have liked it, but it helped cut down on invasions.  Sometimes building walls has not been to help people, but to segregate parts of the world.  Dividing families by building walls in the middle of the night is not suggested.

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Prompt for the Day – “Write about evil”

Today’s prompt comes from “365 Days of Writing Prompts Copyright © 2013 by The Daily Post”.    They also added a little instruction to the prompt “Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what
you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the
world at large or in your life.”

Did they have some foresight

Of the events that happened yesterday in Paris, France?  Yesterday reminded me way too much of the events of 9/11/2001 here in the United States of America.  Have had both Alan Jackson’s song “Where were you when the world stopped turning” and the Eagles song “Hole in the world tonight” running through my head! Both songs were released in response to the tragic events that occurred that bloody day.

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To me evil is doing damage to others (people, animals, land, countries, or just damage in general.  Face it, by my definition of evil, our president is evil!  The only thing I know to do about evil is to stand against the very existence in the life of you or others.  If we all stand together, maybe our light will show through the darkness!

Shine your light

To lead others out of the dark places in their lives.  There was a song that was sang in Sunday school, “This little light of mine“.  Maybe the world needs to see / hear it!  I personally sleep with a flashlight in bed with me at night, in case an emergency happens.  Having a reliable source of light for safety’s sake is a good thing.

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Prompt for the Day: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles”

The adventurous people of the Daily Press portion of Word Press posed the following prompt to get our writing engines started for the day: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles“.  If that wasn’t enough they added the following comment:  “You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)”

Personally for trips of more than a few hours, I prefer flying in a commercial jet.  Tend to get cramped when sitting in a car for more than 3 hours at a time.  Used the commuter trains every day, while I resided in the Chicago-metro area back in  the late 1990’s.  Was a few years before the 9/11/2001 tragedy occurred.  Sleeping on the trains back then going to work was completely safe.  Wouldn’t be willing to risk it now!

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Used to love riding my bike on the back roads growing up in southern Illinois.  Went off alone to college in Missouri, where during the first long weekend, wrecked my bicycle.  Kinda damaged my two front teeth (that’s all that we realized at the time).  Now years later, have discovered did a little more damage.  The hospital I went to back then couldn’t even treat me because I was only 17 years old.  My mom had to fax papers giving them permission to help stop the bleeding.  Eventually, had to have two caps placed on the 2 broken teeth.  Apparently, my nose suffered some major damage.  Have a deviated septum that no one noticed until the past several years!

Doubt I will ever get the nerve to travel by hot air balloon.  Ships are also out of the question, now that I can no longer swim to try to save my life.  Used to be a Red Cross certified life guard in junior high school.  Can’t even save myself now, let alone anyone else!

Prompt for the Day: “Singular Sensation”


The wizards from the Daily Post division of Word Press came up with the idea of using “Singular Sensation” as the prompt to inspire our imaginations for the day.  They also gave us the following question to try to find a response for: “If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?”

Hope I will find a way to make a difference in other’s lives by my writings.   I know that I will never be the same after watching the Challenger disaster back in school.  More recently the 9/11/2001 attacks on our soil.  These events changed my life forever!

Dreamed of becoming an astronaut since I was little.  Watched the Challenger disaster occur as it played out on the television while I was at school that day.  Didn’t cause me to change my goals, just insinuated how scary the thought of leaving this planet really was.  Turned out when I was in my freshman year of college, came across the requirements to become an astronaut.  Was doomed from the beginning.  Am several inches too short.  Once out of college and living in upper Illinois due to my employer, saw a chiropractor.  The chiropractor let me know that if my scoliosis which had been discovered before I went into fifth grade had been braced properly, I would be several inches taller!  A little late now.

The attacks on several locations in the eastern part of the United States of America played out on our television at our home in Colorado.  Was watching C.N.N. at the time hoping to come across inspiration for a new place to apply for a job.  Had the misfortune of watching the plane hit the first of the two twin towers.  If that wasn’t bad enough a second plane hit the tower next to it!  The pentagon was hit by a third plane, but several courageous passengers on a forth plane reclaimed control over a fourth plane.  It went down, but not at the intended target.  They saved many innocent people’s lives!


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Prompt for the Day: “Connect the Dots”

The prompt for the day given to us by the creative people working with the Daily Post group of Word Press is: “Connect the Dots“.  Added instructions to jump start our meager brains were “Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.”

My mind tends to be slower than most these days.  No clue where it will wander off to today!  Did come across a story from the Political Insider : “Obama Threatens to De-Fund Military Unless Terrorists are RELEASED!“.  Did not vote for the idiot in charge either time!  He continuous to prove the idiocy he showed in the Illinois congress did not improve in the least.

He can’t even decide what religion he is!  Is he a Christian or a Muslim? When he was elected, he attended the United Church of Christ.  Now, he prefers to pray to Allah!  Make up your mind.  His wife keeps sticking her nose into what the children of this country eats for lunch each day.  Know the school lunches stank when I in school, but from what I hear now it is much worse!

For some kids this may be the only decent meal they get for the entire day.  Was lucky enough to get a decent breakfast and supper every single day.  Some children rely on the school to get them fed edible food.  And the president wants our country to pay his wife for starving our kids?  I want to know what drugs the man is on and who his supplier is!

And why would we agree to releasing the terrorist we have in custody?  Is that so they can plan another devastating attack on our soil?  Even he can’t actually believe we are that stupid!  9/11/2001 still seems like yesterday to me. He actually wants to perpetuate the terrorism on our country?



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Daily Prompt : Handwritten

The daily prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress was “Handwritten“.  Considering that today is the 14 year after the tragic bombings on American soil, I would have thought they would have used a more patriotic type of prompt!

Do you remember were you were when you heard the news that horrible day?  On September 11, 20001, I was watching CNN in my front room of our house in Colorado.  Had just been laid off from my job as a layer 3 network engineer at Rhythms Netconnections.  The company ended up filing bankruptcy and then closing down completely.  Had been hoping to hear news on a possible place for future employment.  Instead ended up seeing a plane fly directly into the first of the two twin towers.

Was a thoroughly depressing period of my life!  My country was falling apart along with my life.  My life was composed of what I did at work each day.  Loved managing traffic of data crossing our networks at the places that I worked.  Had to file for unemployment for the first time in my life.  Although I would not know it until later, would end up losing the house we were in the process of buying.  Loved that house’s view from my office.  Could look out the window to see the mountains over my desk!  Talk about instant inspiration.  Was a very patriotic kid when I was little.

My grandfather had served for the United States Navy.  He ended up passing away after watching our country’s pathetic response to the terrorist attack on our soil.  His voyages took him all around the world.  He lived out much of what I learned in high school history classes first hand!  There is no better way to learn history than to have someone share their personal experiences with you.  My teachers did a very poor job of interesting their students in the history of the world, let alone the history of the country in which we lived.

Today’s teachers are wanting to do away with teaching children the art of writing by hand.  Without decent penmanship how will the kids become the adults of the future?  How will they be able to legibly sign their own names, if they weren’t taught how to posses decent handwriting in the first place?

The prompt for today was Through the Window

Through the Window here in MN, the view outside my office window does not come close to the majesty that looked out my Colorado office window of our home there.  From that house I could look out and see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains’ peaks!  I miss that state so much, but could not afford the payments on the home.

When we moved in to the house in CO, I was working full time as a network engineer for a company that no longer exists.  Left the company willingly, before it fell to work for one of our competitors.  Left there due to them not living up to their promises and went to work for a telecommunications startup.  Both the competitor and the telecommunications startup went under both filling bankruptcy.

After many months of unemployment, wound up working with a company who held a contract with the Department of Homeland Security (known as DHS to most people).  There I learned first hand how insecure our country really is!  Never actually received my clearance status, but they let me work on routers that handled the communications both with in our country and within our allies’ networks anyway.  One slip of my fingers in theory could have really caused some serious problems in our country!

My view of the world changed dramatically during that time period.  Our favorite answer to problems at DHS was  “I know nothing”, a sick take off the old Hogan’s Heroes TV show.

The most dramatic change to my view on the world came back while I  was unemployed and watching the news as 9/11/2001 played out right before my eyes on the TV screen.  Shortly afterward they took the replays of those tragic events off the air.  There were a few good Americans who kept the recordings before they were sealed away from view.  My mind will never let me forget that day!

Technically, I did not see it from my window.  Thankfully, was far away from the event to have seen it first hand.  Feel sorry for the people who actually were close enough to any of the sites attacked to view it first handed.