Rational About My Blog


The reason I chose my blog’s name is:

I detest how our city is entered into electronics like G(lobal)P(ositioning)S(ystem) devices.  Some websites prefer you to use St. Paul.  The government wants the name spelled out fully.  So I spelled St. out and named it Saint (which I am NOT) P. blogging.  Am nowhere near qualifying for sainthood, unless you are talking about the devil.  Think his saints are referred to as demons, not sure about that.

Am more likely to be a demon than a saint!

Have a sickly wicked sense of humor.  My comments may not hit you right off as funny, they tend to hit you hours later in a sort of “AHA” that’s what the hell she meant to sort of moments.

Currently reside in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Hoping this will be the last place I live,  am tired of relocating.  Have lost touch with too many former great neighbors.  So far, I like our new neighborhood.  The area kids are great. Enjoy listening to them playing outside when the weather allows it.

Like to Write About Things

I feel strongly about like defending the weak and innocent animals.  Was very patriotic until our country was hit by terrorists back on 9/11/2001 and our leaders failed to respond.  Not to happy about our current government and it’s actions or lack of appropriate response.  Am very supportive of the men and women who risk their lives daily keeping us safe.

Feel free to leave any saintly or even better demonic comments on this page

10 thoughts on “Rational About My Blog

  1. John Chon

    We use the same blog theme 🙂 It’s great to see people who are passionate about the injustice in the world from what I can tell according to your “about” which is great. I hope to see your works! Cheers!

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