Have You Ever Had an Earworm?

One Day:

Had Bohemian rhapsody stuck in my mind! Click the link below to see the Muppets preform the song which spent way too much time up in my head!

Seems like the Muppets had this effect on me.  Get their melodies stuck in my head, quite frequently!

Back in the 70’s and 80’s jingles from television commercials had a way of inviting themselves in to our minds.  But that was back when commercials were decent.  Today this phenomenon is commonly referred to as an earworm for some unknown reason.   The mental imagery of a worm in my ear doesn’t make for a decent night’s sleep!

Do you have this problem?

Am Not the Only One

That has this condition in our house!  My husband and I both get annoying, but good songs stuck in our minds every day.  Since we both enjoy the same types of music, it is not too bad.

What sucks is when you get a snatch of melody from your childhood intruding into your current life!  Hate when the song that goes “I’m a little tea pot…” gets stuck in my head.

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