5 reasons NOT to Panic!

The timid People at the Daily Post group of Word Press chose the word “Panic” for today’s writing prompt

When was  the last time you panicked?

First Reason to fail to Panic:

The world is not ending (unless you know something the rest of us don’t)!  If you are involved in a secret plot for massive destruction, please let the rest of us know so we can say good-bye to our loved ones.

Second Logic to skip Terror:

Who told you the evil stories that a problem existed?  Are they trustworthy or not?  Most likely they make up stories on a regular basis.  A future politician in the making, in my humble opinion.

Checking Heart

Checking Heart

Third argument for Calm:

Over exerting yourself can lead to dangerous spikes in blood pressure.

Can your heart take the unnecessary abuse?  Should we get you a room at the local hospital in advance, or can you calm yourself down alone?  May need to rewrite your will and Health care directives in advance, like I did!

Fourth Deduction for Relaxing:

All you may need to do is take deep breaths and think about the situation as it REALLY is.  The sky hasn’t fallen, if it did fall make sure to cover your head!

Finally inject bit of Wisdom:

Did panicking ever do you any good during your lifetime?

It never led me to any good in my life.  Just stressed me out for absolutely no good purpose.  Never had a fear of taking tests in school, but for those who did, did the vomiting offer any benefits?  Not my personal favorite way to lose weight!

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