Stylish is the Prompt for Today

The dapper people of the Daily Post division of Word Press smartly chose the word “Stylish” for today’s prompt.

Never Followed The Latest Trends

Preferred to exist on the tried and true ways.  Black jeans (cared for like they where dress pants) got mistaken by many others as a fresh pressed pair of black well fitting dressy pants.  Was not my fault they could not tell the difference!  Had an employee that reported to me actually comment the reason I probably got the promotion was the fact I always wore dress pants!  He laughed hysterically when I pointed out the pants where just well cared for jeans.  He started emulating my dressing habits.

Have you ever had others comment on the way you dress?

What was In Fashion When You Where In School?

All threw my educational years from kindergarten to graduation with my Bachelor’s degree from college. Jeans where the thing to wear each day!  My first employment was on our family’s dairy farm.  Wore my rattiest jeans to work there.  My first full time job during college was at a company that supported dairy farmers, so jeans where acceptable there, too!  Face it, I lived in jeans and polo style shirts my whole life.

My next employers required a stricter dress code.  Had to invest in actual dress pants and matching jackets to appear in the highly developed business environments located in major cities like the Chicago-metro area of IL.  The pay was a lot better in that situation, so affording the clothing was not a problem!

Retirement Has Relaxed My Needed Clothing Requirements

Still use Jeans during the cooler months of the year!  Along with sweat pants when I am at home.  Between the months of warmer months of March and October, I wear shorts around the house and occasionally out in public.  Granted I retired much earlier than planned due to health problems.

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Please Help Fight Evil Disease

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