Passionate is the Prompt for Today

The fervent people at the Daily Post division of Word Press were able to tear themselves grudgingly away from their desires to select “Passionate” as today’s prompt.

My Husband and Our Cat Are My Main Passions

The cat seems to prefer to bite me, only when my husband is in the area.  When he travels off for business trips or leaves for a few days of vacation the cat behaves perfectly.  The two get along fine when my hubby sits in his recliner and the animal jumps up to get petted.  The two sometimes fall asleep together in the chair.  So I safely reason that the feline is not scared of him.  Do not have a clue about why the cat gets the desire to use me as a chew toy, sometimes.

Have you ever had to deal with a biting cat?

Have Been Passionate About My Husband Since First Speaking Over The Phone

The boy sounded just like my grandpa (in mannerisms and beliefs).  Yeah he was a little older than me, a year and a few months, but was able to relax me with the sound of his voice.  I was still attending college full-time and he was working on a night shift at the local G.E. plant.  So are schedules had trouble messing at first.

Eventually, he resigned from the plant to work in delivering chemicals for a local small business who sold cleaning supplies to other small companies.  Worked there for a few months until the business had to close due to lack of customers.  From there he got employed by a lumber and hardware supply store.   About that time my room mate moved out of my apartment.  Managed to convince my now boy friend to move in with me to conserve on costs of living!

After I graduated from college (literally the next day) we got married at the church we had both been attending together for a couple of years.  He took the weekend off from work since we honeymooned out of town (just a couple of towns away).  I took a week off to finish all the legal paperwork required when you change your name.  New driver’s licenses, insurance policies, you know all the important stuff when you are just starting out!

Years Down The Road

I was hired by a network engineering firm.  The branch I was to be with was our of the Chicago-metro area.  This meant we would both have to resign our old jobs and move to a different state of the country. Using a U-Haul paid for by my new employers I drove my car, while my husband drove the U-Haul pulling his pick-up truck.  I had the address of the apartment we would be renting.

Keeping my eyes peeled looking for signs to the suburb we needed, saw a sign pointing off with an arrow in the opposite direction in which I currently heading.  Made an abrupt U-turn forgetting that there was a vehicle pulling another vehicle trying to follow me.  Puled over in a parking lot to let the U-Haul catch up with me.  We got the maps out to locate where exactly how much farther we needed to travel.  Laughingly we discovered we had about a block to our new home!  The manager’s office was closed, so we just left the moving truck with a note explaining we would meet them at opening time tomorrow morning.

Set off in search of a hotel room to sleep in for the night.  Upon paying for our night’s stay I inquired where was a good place to get a decent supper.  The lady suggested a moderately priced restaurant.  Turned out it became one of our favorites while remaining in the area for the next 18 months.  Went to the hotel with leftovers from our meals for tomorrow’s breakfast.

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