Melody is the Prompt for the Day

The music lovers at the Daily Post division of Word Press want us to create our works of art about the word “Melody” for today.

Have Music in My Head Constantly

Get the annoying melodies stuck up there from days long past.  Even today’s new tunes sometimes stick with me like an annoying case of the sniffles!

What type of songs get trapped in your mind?

Does the Music From Newest Flick at the Movies Get Stuck?

The trailers that are played on the television endlessly causes me to get annoying songs stuck in my mind.  Since I rarely see movies at the theatres, until they are available on DVD it stays with me!  Sucks when I turn out to not enjoy the movie once we watch it.

Worse yet is theme songs from pointless television shows.  Still have the song that goes “Love and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra stuck in my head.  Unfortunately was ruined by the T.V. show “Married with Children

The Best Songs Happen While You are Young

That music will reside in your mind for what seems like forever!  Maybe you participated in a group of Scouts.  Have songs from my Girl Scout years in my head all the time.  Or the music you actually listened to when you met your life’s love.  We still have copies of the music we listened to while dating!  Have a few movies we both saw and enjoyed together on DVD.

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