Prompt for the Day: “Joke”

The comic people at the Daily Post group of Word Press chose the word “Joke” for our daily prompt.

All Antics Aside

Actually got my first major networking job, by being able to tell a joke!  Was nervous as all get out being surrounded by a group of older males, but since I was to be the first female on the team I needed to break the ice that had seemed to form in the conference room.  So I told them a dirty joke completely straight faced.  Learned to play poker while involved in a musical in junior high school, so put my poker face to use!  The joke is mild by today’s standards, it was back in 1997 after all.

My joke did not involve any thing off limits even today!  Spoke of two whales swimming in the ocean who were harassing fishing boats.  One made the comment that it agreed to blow the boats over, but never agreed to swallow the fishermen.

What is your personal opinion on jokes?

Loved working with that great company both in the Chicago metro area and then in the Denver area.  Unfortunately the company was bought out by the huge company Sprint during my first year with the company.  Sprint basically ended up killing off our culture of working in teams.  Sprint-Paranet went under back around 2002.  Fortunately, I resigned before they went under!

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