Prompt for the Day: “Unstoppable”

The fierce people at the Daily Post division of Word Press want us to create works of art that make the word “Unstoppable” pop into the viewer’s mind.

Maybe We Should Look at U.S. Marine Swat Teams?

The vehicles they deploy can withstand just about anything that exists on Earth.  The soldiers themselves have undergone extensive training preparing them for the worst climates imaginable.  Starting with uncoordinated young recruits they work them into ferocious professional devil dogs!

They took my fat baby brother who had more tits than I did in when my mom forced me to start wearing bras when I was little and turned him into a bench pressing fighter who went over seas to defend our country!  They toughened him up to become a great father for his two kids.  He now manages a store in southern Texas, where he has been faced with a gun man trying to break into his store location.  Didn’t even faze my baby brother, he had seen worse as a Marine!

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Have you ever come up against a force you thought was uncontainable?

Please Help Fight Evil Disease

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