Prompt for the Day: “Friend”

The extroverts from the Daily Post division of Word Press selected the word “Friend” for today’s daily prompt.

Song came to Mind Instantly!

You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor has always been a favourite of mine!  There are so many good songs about friends out there in the world today.  Most of the best have been around for many years but are still played because they hit you right where it matters the most down to your soul.

One of the songs we sang in Girl Scouts was “Make New Friends…“.  Then there was the popular graduation song “Friends Forever“.  Television shows have been popular because of the friends the characters portrayed to the audience.  Who can forget the popular comedy series “Seinfeld“?  Ran for a total of 173 episodes. “Bosom Buddies” was another show about friends.

The Golden Girls theme song “Thank you for being a Friend” gets stuck in my head way too often!  How wold we survive without the help of our friends?  Even introverts like me miss seeing our friends when we have relocated several different times through various different states of this country.  Technology lets us keep in touch today.  Am thankful for phone calls and the internet messaging!  That is how we are able to keep in touch with each other’s lives<

Pease Help Fight Horrible Disease

The medicine my neurologist prescribed for me to treat my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri. Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is basically nearly impossible. I remember when I first started on the drug the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500. There was no way my husband and I could afford then or every 28 days! Biogen (the company that manufactures the drug) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely. So I have started a Go Fund Me campaign. To contribute to the fund, click on the following link:




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