Prompt of the Day: “Sudden Shifts”

The pessimistic people from the Daily Post division of Word Press came up with “Sudden Shifts” for the prompt to inspire our creations for the day.  They also gave us three sentences of directions-“You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.”

Having lived in CO before and now in MN

Tend to be prepared for extreme weather changes at all times.  In the 40’s Fahrenheit for high’s one day and negative temperatures for the next is not unheard of here!  It is why I always dress in layers.  If I am too warm, remove a layer.  Too cold, either add clothes or grab a blanket, which we keep nearby.

For some unknown reason am very sensitive to weather changes.  Might be arthritis in my joints / back or something else entirely, who knows?  Just can feel when there is rain/ snow/ hail/ sleet coming in the vicinity.

Since beaches tend to be sand covered, my wheelchair has problems negotiating them.  I avoid beaches, also due to the chance of getting overheated.  When that happens, can experience a grand mal seizure!  The movement caused by the seizure is not a way to get more exercise in my opinion.  I keep up to date on the weather conditions several times a day.

Please Help Fight this Evil Disease

The medicine my neurologist has put me on for my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri. Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is nearly impossible. I remember when I first started on the drug the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500. There was no way my husband and I could afford that every 28 days! Biogen (the company that manufactures the drug) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely. So I have started a Go Fund Me campaign. To contribute to the fund, click on the following link:


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