Prompt for the day-“Free Association Writing”

None of my normal sources of writing inspiration had any prompts available for today, so dug up an old entry from Prompt Stomp week number 6 that I had not used yet. The prompt is “Free Association Writing“.

Have gotten needed inspiration from

The Prompt Stomp before so it was were I should have looked first, unfortunately now that sources like all my other places I normally rely on must have been to shaken by the tragedy in Paris, France on the 13th of this month.  Come on people, just like 9/11/2001 in the US you just have to move on with life!

Evil is first thing that comes to mind

Followed by destruction, loss of lives, wasteful massacres, blood baths, I could keep going indefinitely.  What is the point of mourning the lives lost, if we do nothing to help prevent the next time from happening?  Apparently monitoring the border crossings of existing countries is not helping any place here on Earth!  Think China may have been on the right track when they built the Great Wall years ago.  The population may not have liked it, but it helped cut down on invasions.  Sometimes building walls has not been to help people, but to segregate parts of the world.  Dividing families by building walls in the middle of the night is not suggested.

Please help me get my medicines

I have a disease called multiple sclerosis.  Unfortunately, the drugs that allow me to survive with it are extremely expensive.  Have set up a GoFundMe campaign to try to get the money necessary to pay for the infusions I have to receive every 28 days.  The link to my campaign is here: Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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