Prompt for the Day: “RSVP”

The writing prompt for the day of “RSVP” was delivered to us from the Daily Post group of Word Press.  Along with the prompt, they asked several questions:”Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?”

The person is my husband

Since his life seems to revolve around the company he works for, the company will have to be involved in some way (as much as I truly hate the place).  Most of the coworkers he tells me about sound like nice individuals, so they would be invited.  If any food is served, they will devour it before he actually gets anything.  Will have to send him a private parcel of the food so he can actually get some!  Management will probably try to turn this into an impromptu mandatory meeting of some type.   The least effective people would run their mouths off wasting time, like normal.  This type of a meeting sound effective to you?  When I ran meetings required all participants to stand during the meeting (if they are not physically handicapped in some way), tends to make people get to their points faster!

I would reveal where he works

But don’t want to be sued for letting the truth about the evil business out into the mainstream media.  Just about every single person in America has knowledge of this business and probably shops there since it has run most other places out of existence.  Kind of kills the American dream on a regular basis!

If you are wanting to by cheap crappy goods, you shop there.  In search of substandard foods, this is the place to go!  For the record, I made the mistake of trying to work there once, ended up trying to commit suicide.

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