Today’s Prompt for the Day: “Connect the dots”

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The fear mongering people at the Daily Post’s Word Press came up with the writing prompt for the day of “Connect the dots“.  They also gave the added words to spark our creativity “Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.”

From Mad World News

I personally stumbled across an article about one Walmart employee’s clothing display in North Las Vegas.

The big question from this article results in the question of what makes a display racist?  There are no mannequins actually hanging from the ceiling.

How do you tell what race an article of clothing really is?

If I were to put one of my sweatshirts on display, how would you be able to decide what race is involved?  I am one eighth Native American Indian, fifty percent German, and the rest comes from the great melting pot of America.

What exactly makes an action racist?

  1. Is it the intent of the person completing the action?
  2. How do you come about revealing their true intent?
  3. Is it possible that searching for racism, makes you a racist yourself?
  4. How do we protect the next generation from repeating our own racist ways?

Why does racism still exist today?

Kids are not born thinking in racist ways, they learn it from people that surround them.  Put two toddlers together from different races, as long as they communicate in a way they both can understand they will probably get along fine!  Interacting with older people tends to teach kids how to discriminate against other people / races.  We need to lead by showing the younger generation that people from different races can get along!  Have to stop spreading the disease of racism to the next crop of human beings.
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