Nope wasn’t the final COSTUMES Installment!

My seventh grade year of school, I broke my own personal rule and purchased a store bought Halloween costume.   Fell into liking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that my little brothers were always watching, a little too much.  Went dressed as a Ninja to classes on Halloween that year.

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Not really a scary costume, other than it showed my lack of originality as a kid in big  (had only about 38 kids in my graduating class) Junior High School.  Our classes were held in the main high school’s building full of high school students!  To make matters worse, I was actually taking some high school classes with the older students.  Was a tiny fish who wanted to use a ninja’s skills to disappear into the thin air.

Must have had some actual ninja powers, since I was always at the top of my classes in math and science subjects!  Seemed to always be beating kids that were literally years older than I was at our studies.  Like a turtle, just wanted to stick my head in my shell  and be invisible.  That is why no showy costumes for me that year.  Just needed to blend in as much as I could with the crowd.

Broke an older classmate’s arm when they made us play flag football in P.E. class.  Rules stated we were not to tackle each other, so when the older (bigger, too) girl tried to tackle me, I held still.  Was used to working with cattle.  Do not show them they are bigger than you.  Guess maybe I was more of a ninja than I realized at the time!  Girl was mad I didn’t get into trouble for breaking her arm.  All I did was not react in any way.  Must have hurt her pride at not being able to intimidate a younger girl.

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