Prompt for the Day: “Saved by the Bell”

The prompt for the day created by a group of writers who apparently remember the old television show “Saved by the Bell“.  They also gave us some fodder to write about “Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.”.

Growing up, was not a child who got into any trouble at school.  Since I loved going to school, tried to be as early as physically possible to classes each day.  Relied on the bus to get me to and from school each day.  Had no ability to speed up the over hour long ride each way.  Lived out in the middle of nowhere, heading to a tiny town’s school also in the middle of a vast wasteland in southern Illinois.  To get out of that utter waste of existence, had to escape to a college out of state!

There I started living in a dormitory, where I had to find my way to the different classes without getting lost.  For the first time in my life, barely made it on time to my classes!  Getting lost for the first couple of weeks was a regular event for me.  Got to make new friends who helped me learn my way around the campus environment.  Some of them would become my drinking buddies, even though I was only 17!   By Labor Day of my sophomore year, I had a full fledged alcohol problem.  Forced myself to quit cold turkey over the extended weekend.  Went through the alcohol detoxification all alone!   Don’t know which was worse, the shakes or the vomiting.  Glad there was no one else in the dorm that needed the bathroom while I was worshiping the porcelain Gods!  Lost weight, if nothing else.

My roommates  returned home to find an exhausted, but sober individual.  My programming skills deteriorated now that I was no longer drunk all the time.  Who would have known that I crafted my best programs while drunk off my ass?


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