Prompt for the Day: “Must Not Fail”

The challenge the people at the the Daily Post part of Word Press set for us was “Must Not Fail“.  Personally, I fail constantly!  How else would I ever learn to improve myself?

Failing is one of my many specialties!  I fail to be coordinated, fail to be able to walk unaided, fail to think clearly these days, need I continue?  Can’t even handle laying on a doctor’s examination table with out falling off and breaking my glasses. That’s why I now have the tag “fall hazard” attached to my doctor’s visits.  Most of the time the staff relies on my husband to transfer me safely onto the tables.  Have to insist they put the safety bars up on the table while I am on it.  They seem to think I am exaggerating when I explain it to them.

Just do not enjoy uncontrolled falling for some unthinkable reason.  Call me crazy if you must, it is just the way I am.

Took a Taekwondo  class with the man I was dating near the end of my college career.  (We ended up getting married the day after I graduated!)  My theory was I would learn how to take a fall better.  Ended up getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis right after we got married. Talk about a fall I failed to avoid!

Actually purchased my first wheelchair months before my actual diagnoses was ever given to me.  Failed at the use of a cane.  Tripped over it more than it ever helped me.  Since having had used crutches in high school due to orthopedic knee surgery and being pushed off them by school mates, do not trust being on them around the general public.  So I went to a doctor to get a prescription for a wheelchair.  Thankfully, the place I worked at the time got my work space set up so that I could still preform my job.

That was back when employers actually tried to retain their employees.  Miss those days so much!


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