Prompt for the Day: “Pay It Forward”

The prompt for today of “Pay It Forward” is sort of weird if you get to thinking about the concept.  What other choices could you choose?

Is it possible to pay it sideways or backwards?  I have a tendency to lean to the right, could I pay it to the right?  How about paying it in a circular way?  Wow about sitting and spinning it down to pay off the debt? (My little brothers had a sit and spin toy when they were little.)

From the urban dictionary : “Pay It Forward is a phrase used to imply or otherwise act upon the action in which one would perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons with the sound intentions that the only is define thing they do in return is to perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons where in which they should maintain the same sound intentions of the individual or group who performed a good deed unto them. This method of kindness is infallible unless met with a person of great greed and/or immaturity.”

This is sort of a head scratcher for me personally.  Think the Golden Rule sort of covers this type of event.  Why did they have to come up with a new name for being nice to others?  Maybe it is the same reason each family calls it’s elders by different names today instead of what they were referred to when they were growing up.  Who really knows anymore?

Being a grandparent must not be fashionable these days or something.  Personally have friends that are now grandparents.  Does being called by the same name as your grandparents scare you that much?  Here is an idea, if you can’t handle it, don’t have children of your own!

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2 thoughts on “Prompt for the Day: “Pay It Forward”

  1. SarahC

    I dont pay forward, not money, but if i did it would be to the “left” I guess as when vertigo symtoms thats the way i lean, left 😀 Hope to learn more on your blog!



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