Set up a Blogging Event for assignment in Blogging201

Created a blogging event to meet the requirement for today’s lesson in my Blogging201 class.  Wanted to give the blogging community a place to talk about how they deal with health problems.  You never know maybe the person in a different country has better ways of feeling better!

They may have had really good experiences with a particular hospital or doctor.  Maybe they lived through what amounts to a horror story.  Set up a page to host the event.  It can be found at:…es-in-you-life/

Description and Basic Instructions for Participating: Everyone has a general way of dealing with their health crises. What I want to do is open a place for sharing wisdom, horror stories, and just general ways you personally cope with your health related difficulties.

Set up a e-mail address to receive event related messages.  It is :

Actual name of the event: How do you survive health troubles in you life?

Type of event, I chose from the long list was: Non-Fiction & General Blogging

The deadline for the event ends on Thursday October twenty ninth.Event Deadline: 10/29/2015

The link to my event specific page is :…es-in-you-life/

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