Prompt for the day: “Mountaintops and Valleys”

Today the people at the Daily Post of WordPress want to get me to write about Mountaintops and Valleys. The song “Rocky Top” by the Osborne Brothers came to mind.

Never been to Tennessee myself, but figure they have a valley or two there. The mountain tops I am most familiar with are the ones in the Rocky Mountains located in Colorado. There are great valleys located there. One of my favorites is known as “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado Springs.

Great place to explore inspiring views of creations in nature that take your breath away (has nothing to do with the high altitude of the state). God created a beautiful natural scene in this valley. Look up to see the Rockies in the distance.

You could even visit the city of Loveland, CO. Valentine’s Day letters can get the cities postage stamps placed on them for a romantic effect.

You might even decide to try climbing the mountains while you are in the state. It is not necessary to purchase a lot of expensive gear to hike up to a high spot in the steppe off of the area of the national park. Even during the heat of summer, you may need to bring a coat when you are walking through the permafrost. Gloves are optional, but I would recommend wearing them!

Once you come back down, a refreshing glass of water is recommended because it is dry up there. Colorado is sort of a dessert environment, where the actual moisture comes in the form of snow and hail. There were times when we lived there we got a hail storm that forced the cities to bring out the snow plows to clear the streets! This was during the heat of summer.

If you don’t like the weather there, just drive either north or south a few miles. You have a completely different weather environment!

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