Prompt for the day: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting”

The daily prompt for the day reminded me of a song “These boots were made for walking…” but I digress.  In reality today’s prompt is “These Horns Were Made for Tooting“.  With a pounding migraine, please no loud horn playing at the moment!

Tried taking some more Ibuprofen, like when I took it earlier no effect!  Need to stop wasting both time and money on ineffective medicines.  Problem is stemming from extremely tight neck muscles, so technically it is not a migraine. That is why I have not tried taking any of my migraine medicine, Sumatriptan.  Why waste expensive drugs when the problem is not a true migraine?

My doctor is unable to prescribe muscle relaxants with out an actual office visit.  No longer able to drive, so actually visiting the doctor must be scheduled weeks in advance.  Gave up driving years ago before ever moving into the state of Minnesota back in 2008.  Knew back then I should not risk taking an innocent (if you can still find one) person’s life.

With my vision constantly going down hill, can no longer judge distances properly.  Found out recently there is a name for that, it is referred to as spatial vision problems.  Don’t care what it is called, it just sucks!  Have a wheelchair ramp leading out our back door, so I can get in and out of our house.   My husband caught me almost taking my wheelchair down the stairs that led off the ramp for the walking people of the world, he installed a rope that warns me where the steps start so I don’t fall off the ramp!

Leave it to me to try driving my manual wheelchair off my wheelchair ramp!  Who else could do something so stupid?  Just want to be able to climb a good tree occasionally.  Miss the old apple tree I used to climb when I was younger.



Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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