Set 3 goals for Blogging 201

We started our exciting excursion today into the WordPress class Blogging201.  Finished 101 earlier this year.  Have never taken any of their writing classes.  I might try writing 101 in the future.  Been successfully slaughtering the English language since I spoke my first words as an infant.

Our first assignment was to write down three goals we want to accomplish by finishing this course.  So here they are in the barest black and white.

My 3 goals are quite simple.
1: Help other people who are weakened, by either illness or old age.
2: Make a profit from blogging.
3: Protect children and animals from harm.

Numbers 1 & 3 come from my personal beliefs.  We should stand up for the underdogs in this world whenever and where ever  we can.  Number 2 just needs to be done to help support my family:  My husband, me, and a dorky cat we adopted from the humane society.

Need to start making money to justify the cost of hosting my own web presence on the internet.  Am starting to regret asking my husband to let me purchase an internet site for my own use.  Was told by the people I follow on blogs that having your own site was the way to profit from the internet.

My mother taught me not to believe everything I read in life.  Seems she was right once again!

Have to learn how to get my badge from the 101 class displayed on my site that I now own on the internet.  Have it proudly displayed on my WordPress site, but would like to be able to show it on my private site as well.  Wonder if any of my classmates have figured out how to move our badges onto other sites?  Will have to pursue this investigation further.

Curious as to what our assignment will be for tomorrow’s class.  What challenges will the present us with to try to confound our writing skills.  Mike skills need sharpening!








3 thoughts on “Set 3 goals for Blogging 201

  1. toutparmoi

    I loved Blogging 101 – am really looking forward to catching up with the classmates in 201. Though I’d be the first to admit that my blog is a tad restricted in its point of view, so I suspect that I won’t be able to do many of the assignments.



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