Prompt for the Day: “The Fun Platform”

In my personal experience in computer networking, the prompt for the day definitely rules out any platform made by Microsoft!  The brilliant wordsmiths from the daily post section of WordPress chose  “The Fun Platform” for today’s prompt.

The most fun platform I have had the pleasure of using was any of the various form of Unix.  Wrote some of the code for what was eventually released as Red Hat Linux while I was in college back in 1991.  Thought it was supposed to be a group of people working together to create a better operating system, so didn’t bother to sign my name to any of my work.  Was not smart enough yet, to foresee losing all the valuable time I had invested in working on an operating system.  Never received any of the credit or reimbursement for my work.  Now the operating system that I helped marshal into existence is way too expensive for the average person to dream of using!  It is still by far the superior platform.  Computer geeks like me find it useful, gaming fanatics play on it even though they don’t know of it’s presence, researchers rely on it’s computation and fact finding abilities, just to name a few of it’s many uses.

The different flavors of Unix are wide spread around the world.  Even here in the United States, Unix lovers on the East coast prefer a different flavor than those on the west coast.  For a good read on the topic of the disparity of the use of different flavors across the country, you might want to read “The Cuckoo’s Egg” by author Cliff Stoll.  Unfortunately, computer lovers like me will feel depressed after reading the history of their past lives laid out coldly in black and white of a masterful writer.  He never mean to create a book, he was just recording the facts as he lived them.  A natural scientist uncovering the mysteries of his world as they were played out in his life.



Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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