Today’s Prompt: “Retrospectively Funny”

My past wasn’t generally funny, so have no idea how I will successfully approach this prompt from the experts of the Daily Post at WordPress.  They chose the prompt for today to be: Retrospectively Funny.

The definition of Retrospectively is “any exhibition or series of showings or performances, as of musical works or motion pictures, representing the work of an artist or performer over all or a major part of a career” according to  Think most decent comic works from the past would probably fit in this category.

One of my favorite comedy pieces from the past was the TV series called “MASH“.  Series ran about 11 years.  Watched the final episode with my grandfather.  He served in the U.S. Navy many years retiring to hold several different jobs like local bartender, finally becoming the grounds keeper at the local cemetery.  He told me and my brothers not to be afraid of the dead people, since it was the live ones that would end up getting us!

One of my favorite comedians, Robin Williams, committed suicide after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  My grandmother died from complications of that disease.  Not a funny illness at all.  Why does it seem all the funny people in this world turn out to be really messed up inside?  Michel J. Fox also has this terrible disease.  No more Teen Wolf movies, I guess.

What ever happened to watching Hee Haw?  Just got to see the reruns growing up.  Did it offend someone like the Little Rascals offended Bill Cosby?  Miss watching Alfalfa and the rest of the gang.  The crap they have on TV for kids to watch today. sucks to put it politely.  What was wrong with watching Looney Toons or the Road Runner?  Afraid of anvils dropping on the dwindling coyote population?

What about Marvin the Martian?  Is he lost with the rest of the Looney Toons characters?  Who stole these creations from the children of today?  Maybe they should be locked up for ruining all the new generations’ childhoods!




2 thoughts on “Today’s Prompt: “Retrospectively Funny”

  1. Marcus

    My children knew every Saturday morning was watching Looney Toons (if they got up early enough) with their father. It was a fun time – filled with laughter. I miss them. Both those times and Looney Toons.



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