The prompt for the day : Forward Drive

Today’s daily prompt to get our writing wheels in motion is: “Forward Drive“.  Think this prompt beats the idea of trying to drive in reverse!

It makes no mention of what you are driving.  I personally prefer to drive an eight cylinder vehicle, but they do not tend to be an economic or environmentally sound choice.   Just like the ability to drive over things that get in my way!

What happens if an animal jumps in front of your vehicle?  A heavy engine would be able to protect you from the bear or moose I hope.  The Angus bull wandering the middle of the road on a dark night may end up only loosing it’s tail if it is lucky!  The passengers in the car, may end up with a case of whip lash from the impact of the accident.  Experienced that first hand the night before we left on a Girl Scout trip.  Neighbor’s animals had gotten trough their fences.  The animal lost it’s tail and defecated all over the front of the hood of my mother’s car.


2 thoughts on “The prompt for the day : Forward Drive

  1. ofquestionablerepute

    You gotta love a story that ends with some one pooping….

    The YouTube links below are to one of my favorite TV shows. Yes, it is British, and the punch line does take two episodes to set up… but the final skit in episode 6 is sooo funny..

    Watch when you have the time and need a laugh!



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