Prompt for the day: Inside the Bubble

The daily prompt from the wonderful word wizards at the daily post of Word Press was “Inside the Bubble“.

The only thing that comes to mind from this prompt is the little kid that had to live in a bubble that was discussed on the local television news programs when I was little.  At least with those sort of accommodations you wouldn’t have to worry about someone wearing perfumes that give you a breathing problem near you!

The child from my memories was David Vetter, a boy with X-linked SCID, who lived for 12 years in a plastic, germ-free bubble.  There are only a few states that do not check newborns now for this disease at birth, when it is most treatable.

Does the saying “Don’t want to burst your bubble” come from this?   To burst somebody’s bubble is an idiom for telling someone bad news.

Is this something like thinking inside the box?  Personally, I prefer to think up in a tree!  People always tell you to think outside of the box.  Who started them thinking inside a stupid box anyway?

Inside the bubble raised more questions than ideas for me!  Why aren’t  ALL new born American children screened to see if they have this disease when it is at the most treatable at the early stage of life?


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