Prompt for the day: No, Thank You

The writing prompt for the day from the wonderful people at WordPress’s dailypost is “No, Thank You

When was the last time you heard someone politely refuse something from another human being?  Unfortunately, manners seem to have disappeared with the country’s economic stability.  Are they related somehow?  Who knows.  Will manners ever come back like the rest of the things this great nation has lost?  Only time will tell.

Don’t know about you, but I am trying my hardest to help it come back before our country completely crumbles to the dust our forefathers struggled to grow crops in back during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s.  Coming right after the Great Depression where families  all over this once tremendous nation struggled with the very act of survival.

Thankfully, we had real leaders in power to create new solutions for the average American back then.  Strong Presidents and people serving in congress looking out for the future of the very country we live in.


1 thought on “Prompt for the day: No, Thank You

  1. Michael

    This is so true, manners are almost but a distant memory these days. I personally can count on one hand a polite no thank you and that is not saying much. Taking off one’s hat when in another’s home has faded as well. Different times.



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