Prompt for the day: Red Pill, Blue Pill

The prompt for the day from the daily post at is Red Pill, Blue Pill.  The people from word press come up with some great starting points for any blogger to sharpen his thoughts with.  Today’s prompt makes me think of the movie “The Matrix”.

Matrix pictureThe movie had me questioning what I thought was reality back in 1999. Had just started to get settled in the state of Colorado.  Had several new friends at work, who were all older men.  Was the only female on the team.  There was way too much drinking involved in the company’s events like weekly meetings and outings like ski trips.

My reality was extremely messed up when I left the company due to not liking the new person in charge of our team.  Just do not tend to get along with slimy sales type of people.  He was trying to get me to service two different companies located in completely different parts of the Denver metro area.  So, I found another consulting firm who was happy to receive my skill set.  Turned out the new company did not stick to the agreement for my employment.  Needed to work closer to the house we had purchased.  Driving all over the metro area did not agree with my multiple sclerosis.  Was starting to cause severe health problems.

So I quit that job to work for a startup DSL company called Rhythms Netconnections.  After about two great years working there, the company was forced to file for bankruptcy.  For the first time in my life, I was laid off from my work!

Talk about stepping into the Matrix!  Had to file for unemployment.  Was watching CNN as the 9/11/2001 attack occurred at several different sites in the U.S.A. felt like a really awful movie.  Just wanted to be able to take a pill and make it all go back to my old image of reality!

The country has not recovered from the attacks since that day.  Please give me a pill to make reality return!


Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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