Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Appointment

Had an appointment yesterday with a doctor at the Courage Kenny hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dreaded the appointment, because I had been through three weeks of hospitalization for rehabilitation back in 2009.  Was terrified they would try locking me away in a hospital again!  Turned out the doctor was easy to get along with.  The only problem is the exam room was way too warm for my body’s liking.

Have low blood pressure normally, except when I visit a doctor’s office.  Then my pressure shoots off the roof!  Been scared of doctors since I was younger.  Hated needles and hated the doctor I saw back then.  He kept telling me I was imagining my problems.  Had to move away to college to discover I had multiple sclerosis!

She went over all the paperwork, I had typed out instead of writing like I was supposed to do.  Figured the doctor would actually want to be able to read the paperwork, instead of trying to interpret my chicken scratch of handwriting I currently am able to produce.

When she got to the part about my actual bowel movements, she determined that my chronic constipation may be the underlying cause of my urine tract infections.  She suggested I take a single Colace pill a day.  Had Colace on hand, but had been afraid to take it too frequently to avoid becoming dependent on the drug.  The doctor assured me it was not habit forming.  So now I take a Colace pill every morning, after I squirt my Flonase up each nostril.  Manageable solution for my constipation at last!

My back pain is a lot better know that I am not constipated, too!  The blood in my urine does not seem to be a problem now, either.  Still urinating very frequently, so am not sure my urinary tract infection is truly gone.


4 thoughts on “Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Appointment

  1. ofquestionablerepute

    Modern medicine is awesome!
    My BP also skyrockets when I go to the doctor, then when they go to take my BP, they have to take it multiple times because it spikes and dips so quickly. I usually leave with those nasty under arm bruises those squeezey things leave.

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