Three Coins in the Fountain

I start my blogs, if I am out of decent subjects to write about,  by going to the following site for inspiration.  Here they post a new prompt each day.  Today’s prompt is:

The only place I saw fountains while growing up was at the closest mall which was around an hour’s drive from the house I lived in as a child.  At most, I might throw a single coin in there.  Who actually throws “Three Coins in the Fountain”?

Apparently, others must have had more money to waste than I did.  Was saving my money for the annual local festival when I was little.  After I grew out of saving for festivals, I started saving for my college education.  When you work for a living (filed my first tax return at age 12), you have to watch where every penny goes!

Started saving pennies with my grandpa, who looked for the elusive “Lincoln Wheat Penny ”  which had become rare by the time I started collecting them.  He had accumulated a different penny that had been minted in every year he was alive, by the time he passed away in 2002.  We used to look at all the other coins he had collected from all over the world during his travels while serving in the U. S. Navy.  I had found a valuable coin over in the driveway of my other grandparent’s home, which I faithfully brought to show to my grandpa who had experience with coins from all over.  Left the coin with him for safe keeping.

Unfortunately, when he died I left the coin with my grandma for use towards her medical bills.  The coin was stolen by one of my other relatives, who was a kleptomaniac.  Grandpa has left grandma with enough life insurance, so she didn’t really need the coin anyway.


2 thoughts on “Three Coins in the Fountain

  1. ofquestionablerepute

    Y’all made me look it up! Three Coins in a Fountain indeed is about 3 different lovers. ahhhh old timey entertainment.
    I caught my nephew once stealing coins out of a fountain, so I told him that each coin he took, he was stealing some one elses wish, and now it wouldn’t come true.

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  2. Marcus

    relatives — I won’t comment. As for “Three Coins In A Fountain” … if I remember the song correctly – there were three women – one coin per woman. “Which one will the fountain bless”…. (and don’t ask me how I know these things – I hear something and it gets permanently engraved in my brain, taking the space best used by something actually important)

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