The prompt for today was Through the Window

Through the Window here in MN, the view outside my office window does not come close to the majesty that looked out my Colorado office window of our home there.  From that house I could look out and see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains’ peaks!  I miss that state so much, but could not afford the payments on the home.

When we moved in to the house in CO, I was working full time as a network engineer for a company that no longer exists.  Left the company willingly, before it fell to work for one of our competitors.  Left there due to them not living up to their promises and went to work for a telecommunications startup.  Both the competitor and the telecommunications startup went under both filling bankruptcy.

After many months of unemployment, wound up working with a company who held a contract with the Department of Homeland Security (known as DHS to most people).  There I learned first hand how insecure our country really is!  Never actually received my clearance status, but they let me work on routers that handled the communications both with in our country and within our allies’ networks anyway.  One slip of my fingers in theory could have really caused some serious problems in our country!

My view of the world changed dramatically during that time period.  Our favorite answer to problems at DHS was  “I know nothing”, a sick take off the old Hogan’s Heroes TV show.

The most dramatic change to my view on the world came back while I  was unemployed and watching the news as 9/11/2001 played out right before my eyes on the TV screen.  Shortly afterward they took the replays of those tragic events off the air.  There were a few good Americans who kept the recordings before they were sealed away from view.  My mind will never let me forget that day!

Technically, I did not see it from my window.  Thankfully, was far away from the event to have seen it first hand.  Feel sorry for the people who actually were close enough to any of the sites attacked to view it first handed.


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