From You to You

From You to You is the daily prompt for today from the Daily Post.  Makes me think of someone trying to talk to themselves!

I talk to myself all the time, who else would listen to my messed up ramblings other than my cat?  My current cat prefers to sleep all the time anyway, so at least he can be useful for once in his life.  The picture at the top of my blog is not the my current cat.  The one at the top of my blog actually understood English pretty well!  He was a really smart animal and a good friend!  Our current cat is the dorkiest creature I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Talk about a bad case of writer’s block.  Visited the blogs that I follow to see if any of their latest musings would inspire a spark into me.  Came back inspiration-less! Am clueless on how to proceed at this juncture.

Wouldn’t be able to light a fire with dry tinder today!  Not even a smoldering  lump of charcoal would induce any added warmth.  Think going to just have to give it a rest for the day, and see what tomorrow will bring.

3 thoughts on “From You to You

  1. ahoffine

    Have you ever seen Dead Poets Society? There’s the scene where Mr. Keating stands on a desk and asks everyone to take his spot and see the world from a different view. It may be only something small like that but give it a shot. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed: a different perspective on something you see everyday
    Keep writing! You’ll get there! 🙂


  2. Marcus

    Find a quiet spot to sit. No thinking – at least no concentrated thinking. Whatever floats in and out. If that doesn’t work, try some loud music an Jack Daniels 🙂



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