Frustration – Resolved!

Miss the man I married back in December of 1995.  He was kind back then.  We had fun together driving around the back roads of the state of Missouri.  I want him back!

Had no idea how to reach him.  He is more interested in the PlayStation downstairs, than anything else.  No clue how we drifted apart.  Granted my body won’t let me go caving now.  Am stuck in this damned wheelchair.

Wanted to be able to get out of this house so bad, but there was no ramp.  Worked on getting a ramp built, but had to depend on the help of others to get it done.  Community ramp building program was who eventually built our ramp for us.  Now I can come and go as weather permits.  Unfortunately. I can not deal with hot temperatures.  Anything over 65 degrees and I get worn out.  Thankfully, this house has a good air conditioning unit in it.  It was one of the two requirements I had for the house we purchased back in August 2014.

My husband bought a   Honda Goldwing.Honda GoldwingIt is the first motorcycle I am willing to try riding!  Had bad experiences with motorcycles while growing up.  He let me sit on this one.  I actually felt safe on it!  Has what I refer to as “OH SHIT” bars on the passenger seat.  Was not dressed to ride that day, so he helped me get off the bike and got me back into my wheelchair.   Shorts are not safe to wear on a motorcycle.   Have to be at least wearing jeans.

Looking forward to my first ride!  If I enjoy my first ride using his old helmet, then we will invest in a helmet to fit me and chaps to wear over my jeans in case of an accident.  Down the road we will have to get a trailer for the motorcycle to carry my wheelchair with us on our travels.  Can’t wait to see where our travels lead us!


11 thoughts on “Frustration – Resolved!

  1. Marcus

    Long time back, my wife at the time was faced with some difficult health issues. Things that neither of us were prepared for and things I couldn’t do anything to help with. After nights of crying myself to sleep over being a worthless husband, I lost myself in video games. Was so much easier than dealing with the truth all around me. Together-type activities I think are the best thing for it — I would hope motorcycle has helped.

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  2. Debbie L

    Miraculously, I got on the back of my husband’s motorcycle in 2000. We had 13 years of great fun and adventure. He sold it so we can now travel full time in an RV. Sure hope you have great adventures ahead!

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