In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Half and Half.”

Positive and negative numbers were the only thing that stumped me when I started dealing with them in 8th grade Algebra.  Fortunately, my math teacher was able to put it into terms I understood.  He told me to consider it the same as my checking account.  You want to be on the positive side.  Negatives get you into real troubles in banking!

Like the rest of life, it just depends on your perception of the numbers.  I prefer positive, but don’t we all?

Try to be positive in my daily life, but my husband says I come across as negative.  So which one of us is actually being negative?

7 thoughts on “Positive and negative

  1. cahall63

    I was so “mathematically challenged” in school. My step dad insisted I take “a math and a science” every year through graduation, but it didn’t stick much (the science stuck better). Then when I was about 25, everything just clicked.


    1. hallenterprises132 Post author

      I started paying income taxes at age 12. Had a checking account for a while before 8th grade. Helped when I won science fairs in junior high to have somewhere to deposit the money I was saving for college!


    1. hallenterprises132 Post author

      I’m a math nut! Loved it all. Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus, but didn’t take Geometry until my senior year in high school. Thought I’d save the easy stuff for last! From my math teacher during statistics, “there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics!” He taught us how to make the stats say anything we wanted them to. Good thing none of us was planning on being a politician!

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      1. Debbie L

        My dad was a mathematician….he used to make me do math drill tables….it never really stuck. How great to get a really good teacher. I did really well in a statistic course in college-taught by an excellent teacher! Then I regretted not paying better attention in school….


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