Exciting day – new cushion for chair seat!

Man who originally delivered my wheelchair back in 2013 delivered the replacement cushion for the wheelchair yesterday! (Unfortunately, the cushion needs replacing after two years.  Talk about faulty design!)  When the chair was originally delivered, he had to take the frame apart a little to remove spacers in the frame so it would fit through the bathroom door in the crappy apartment complex where we were living at the time.  Was told it was a handicap accessible apartment when we moved in!

Now we live in a house that we purchased and moved into, in a nicer city that we can make changes to home as needed.  Have a wheelchair ramp from my back door to the outdoor gate.  Now, weather permitting, I can come and go as I please.  The main floor of the house is completely accessible!

Had the gentleman park in the driveway of our detached garage, then enter through our house’s back door.  He got the board from my old seat then added it in the new seat cushion.  Now I have a much more comfortable chair, like I had when I first got the wheelchair back in 2013.  While he was on site asked him how to tighten my brakes, because they were failing to hold the chair still on a regular basis.  He taught me that all I needed was a few turns with an number 4 Allen wrench.  My eye sight is so bad that I had failed to see that the chair had a place that required adjustment by Allen wrench.

Now my husband and I can take care of the chair, since the owner’s manual that came with the chair hadn’t told us how to keep the brakes tight.  Asked the gentleman about what it would take to replace the other anti tip bar an my wheelchair ,  since it was damaged after the first ice / snow in 2013.  Apparently, my health insurance should cover the replacement!  If I had known that, it would have been replaced a long time ago.

The apartment complex had failed to clean the handicap parking areas after the winter mix fell.  Was able to safely get out and go to my infusion appointment, but when we got home it had snowed even more.  So getting from the car to my wheelchair cost me the use of one of my bars!  It was so badly bent that it could not be reused.  My husband was able to cannibalize the bent bar’s insides.  He inserted them in the bar that was not bent, but had lost it’s inside parts.  With the unbent bar and the guts from the bent bar, he was able to fit my chair with the left anti tip bar.  So have been surviving on the one bar since winter of 2013.

Want to be able to do some gardening next year, but will need the chair to be able to get around the back yard safely.  Don’t feel secure with operating it with just the one bar on it like I have been doing.


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