Got my infusion on Wednesday!

Needed it since two weeks after my last infusion!

The infusions are not lasting as long for me as they did when I started on this medicine back in 2010.  When I first started getting Tysarbi infusions, I would be able to fully function until my next dose 28 days later.  2012 started seeing a decline in the length of benefits.  Would only remain functional 3 and a half weeks after infusions.  During the second half of 2014 went down to 3 weeks flat.

Now the infusions only last two weeks.  Then I am back to being completely clumsy 24 hours a day.  Good thing the house we purchased is set up for my lack of coordination!  Have handle bars on the upstairs bathroom toilet  and a safety rail on my side of the bed in our bedroom.

Even better is the wheelchair ramp that leads from our main level back door all the way to the gate out our fence by the detached garage’s driveway!  Now I can actually leave the house unassisted.  Whole new concept, independence!


Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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