Woke up at 2:30 AM yesterday morning with a killer headache!  Turned on the hallway lights and went in the living room and took 3 ibuprofen pills.  Went back to bedroom and put on clothes for the day.

Gave up on the ibuprofen working, so took 2 suma triptan pills.  This was a DREADED migraine.  Only have 2 more those migraine pills left.  Booted up my laptop in the office.

While waiting for the laptop to come to life, went in the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich for lunch later that day.  Got my Tupper ware sandwich container out and turned around to get two pieces of bread out.  First piece looked fine, second one was moldy.  So were the next five pieces!  Threw the moldy pieces in the trash.  Took 2 uninfected pieces and with a butter knife made a decent sandwich.  Took the it into the living room and put it on my walker for lunch later.  Now the laptop was successfully connected to the internet.  Accessed my primary care physician’s web portal.  Sent her a message requesting she contact me about the headaches I keep having.  Signed off the web portal, then closed down the laptop.  Since the sun was starting to come up, turned off the lights and went to my recliner in the front room.

At 4:30 AM my husband’s alarm went off.  Heard him moving around in the bedroom.  He called out asking me what was wrong.  Told him I had a really bad headache.  Asked him to feed our cat, since I normally do that.  Started taking my normal morning pills.  Got them all down.  When he came in and started his coffee asked him to grab my breakfast shake from the refrigerator.  He brought it in to me.  Then he went down to take his morning shower.

After his shower, he got his coffee and started drinking it.  Before his morning coffee infusion, he is literally brain dead!  He went back into the bedroom and started getting dressed for his last day at work in his current position.  Came back into the front room fully dressed except his shirt.  He was extremely nervous about an upcoming conference call he was expecting at work in the afternoon.  Told him he needed to eat some sort of breakfast.  He decided on cereal.  Brought the cereal bowl with milk into the front room to eat.  I got up the nerve to start drinking my shake.  After drinking about 3 swallows, put the shake down safely on the chair.  Grabbed the lined bucket, I affectionately refer to as my barf bucket, and started loosing the little breakfast I had finished.  My husband can’t handle the sight of vomit, so he stopped eating.  No more appetite for him.

He asked how I was feeling.  He grabbed me an ice pack for my head.  Told him he had to go to work.  Suggested he grab a few of my fruit bars on the way out the door.  He realized he hadn’t even packed his lunch yet!  He made himself a good lunch.  We went through our normal checklist to make sure nether of us had forgotten anything.  Once he had his shirt on, and had done everything else on the list, I asked him not to call me like normal unless he had a problem on the drive.

Actually managed to drift in and out of sleep for a while.  After 9 AM called my husband’s cell phone and let him know the ice helped me get a little sleep.   He told me to call the doctor  since I had not heard back from her like normal.  Called the office to find out she had the day off.  They told me an on-call doctor would contact me a little later.  When the doctor called, she told me that they called in a prescription to the pharmacy for more medicine.  I was told to take the last two pills I had on hand, then drink plenty of water.  When the doctor disconnected, I took the pills.

My headache was completely gone!  Called my husband and let him know the good news.  Told him to stop by the pharmacy on his way home.  He told me the conference call had gone well.  He would be running a little late, because he had to say a final good bye to all his co workers and then get my medicine.  He got home and asked what I wanted for supper.  Told him I would just finish the shake from earlier.  He was still pretty cranked.  They glitter bombed him at the meeting.  He had to go down stairs and take a shower to get rid of all the glitter.

When he came back upstairs I asked what he was planning on having for supper.  He didn’t have a clue!  Took him a while to calm down.  He was driving me nuts pacing up and down the front room.  Turned the 5 o’clock news on to hear the weather forecast for the next day.  Was supposed to rain in the morning, clearing in the afternoon.  He got the rest of my shake out for me, then put something in the microwave for himself.

When he started eating, I tried drinking the rest of my shake.  Went down uneventfully!  I was feeling good enough to feed the cat like normal.  Went in and brushed my teeth for the night.  Came out and realized I was actually hungry!  Ate two dry pieces of bread with water.  That stayed down too!  Was feeling much better.  Went to bed like normal after watching the 9 o’clock news.


2 thoughts on “Pain!!

  1. Marcus

    Thank you for this walk with you for a day. I celebrate the loss of the headache with you – it’s always nice to read progress. 🙂
    I hope this week passes without the headaches and with enough peace to actually enjoy the days.



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