Got my usual Sunday writer’s block again

Sundays seem to leave me feeling the most depresses for some reason.  Growing up and being forced to attend a church I did not like, sort of ruined the day far me, personally.  Can’t manage to shake what was literally beaten in to me.  Long periods sitting quietly on uncomfortable pews, making my butt ache with the desire to go outside and play.  Trees were calling me to climb them, but you are not allowed to get dirty in your Sunday clothes!

Tended to cause problems with the congregation by asking too many question about our faith.  Couldn’t understand why females did not generally get listened to or be allowed to join the dart ball team.  Was just one of the guys growing up, but physically was a female.

I think like a male, probably due to the fact I was my parent’s first kid and my father wanted a boy.  All of the people who worked on our farm were the local boys.  To fit in with them, had to act like them.  My mother really got mad when at the age of 3, I taught myself to urinate standing up.  She was not impressed, to say the least.  Had better accuracy than the guys!  Shared my new found skills with the little girl who’s mother brought her to visit on a regular basis.  Figured Heather needed to gain the same skills as me.

A few months after the learning to pee standing up, Heather and I decided to color on my bedroom’s walls with some markers we had found laying around the house.  Her mom got called and after making it so we could not sit comfortably for a while, they scrubbed the walls clean.  When they were done we got hit some more.  I did not ouch markers for a LONG time!


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