Rocky Mountain High

The Colorado rocky mountains called to me from back when I when I attended church camp after my seventh grade year in junior high school.  One of the songs we sang there was John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”.  Fell in love with the imagery it created for me.

When I worked for a company in the Chicago metro area of IL, they assigned me to fill in for a gentleman on maternity leave in CA.  To get there had to take a plane, obviously.  On the way back home to IL had to go through the  Denver International Airport.  While waiting to taxi out of the runway, got to see what Mr. Denver meant by the fire in the sky.

My husband and I went to visit a woman I had become friends with in college who had moved to Fort Collins, CO.  After exploring the area where she lived, we decided that we should move to Aurora, CO.  Took a couple of months to arrange the transfer within my company, but we ended up moving there in 1998.  We spent the next few months adapting the altitude and exploring the new location we lived in.

Once living in the state, we went to the national park which could be reached through Estes Park, CO on a fairly regular basis.  On Christmas day 1998, my husband took me skiing for the first time of my life.  Had some trouble with getting fitted with the boots correctly, but once I had the right ones on I loved it!  Took my first ski trip with my company on the ski train which left out of Denver and ended at a ski resort.  Ended up wearing myself out, but the company outing was a lot of fun!

The apartment complex we lived in there left much to be desired.  Caught the neighborhood kids sitting in the bed of my husband’s truck when I came home from work one night.  Exchanged a few words that ended up with me cussing them out.  Called my husband, (who was upstairs in our apartment at the time ) on his cell phone and asked him to come down.  He chased them off.  The kids complained to their parents about the language I had used, so they reported me to the complex’s management.  We ended up getting an eviction notice over the whole mess.  The only reason I used foul language on the kids was that was how they were talking to me.  Normally try to keep my contact with kids rated at a P.G. level, you know- no profanity, nothing referring to sex, etc.  But after being called a bitch and being told their father owned the truck, I kinda lost it.  Not one of my prouder moments.  Used profanity with the adults I worked with all the time, but try to keep a civil tongue around children.  The world today will corrupt them enough with out them needing additional input from me!

We found a house for sale that was within our price range.  On my birthday in 1999, we closed on the house.  There was no air conditioning in the house, so I spent most days when I was off work at work where it was cool.  We had a swamp cooler installed later that year to try to keep us cool for the next year.

Our neighbors were great!  Loved the two kids across the cul de sac from our house.  They had a pet dog named Shadow.  We babysat Shadow one weekend while the family was out of town.  Our next door neighbor on the left hand side of the house had a wonderful pit bull named Moe.  Moe was an escape artist, that wouldn’t hurt a flea.   The gentleman that owned Moe also had a calico cat named Patches.  One of our two male cats had a crush on her.  She wouldn’t give him a sniff!

My husband tried to make the house meet my needs as my health deteriorated.  My office was upstairs with an excellent view of the mountains.  Was on the same level as our bedroom, a spare bedroom, and a bathroom.  The only problem was there was no access to food or drink on that level.

The bathroom I normally used was on the basement level.  My husband had replaced the shower down there.  There was a family room down there with a working fireplace, a couch, and coffee table.

On the entry level of the house was our kitchen, dining room table, and living room.  With my health causing problems due to my multiple sclerosis, it was normal to have a nurse come to start an infusion of solu medrol.  Became close friends with the gentleman who started my IV drips.  At the time, he had to access my veins with an IV needle.  He was patient at getting me and my veins to cooperate, as I  was needle phobic.

Ended up losing my job with the DSL company I was working at the time due to it closing down bankrupt.  Was on unemployment for a couple of months.  Ended up getting only entry level work at a major hardware supply store.  Did not meet our living expenses.  Quit and found a job working on a contract for the Department of Homeland Security.  It was there that I learned how insecure our country really was.  Should have been called the Department of Insecurity in my opinion.  I was a team lead on 3rd shift, who was never able to be cleared due to a girl my baby brother had been dating writing a nasty letter to the first lady back when she was still in high school.  Didn’t know the girl.  Why should that have blocked my ability to get clearance?  I went to the weekly team shift meetings where we were given the new passwords for the week.  It was my responsibility to see the members of my team received the new passwords each week.  Was given enough information, I could have disabled the entire country’s internet systems with out having any clearance.

In November of 2004, my husband and I left the beautiful state of Colorado for the last time.  I remember watching the last sunset over the Rockies with one of our cats.  Cried as the sun set for the last time over the mountains.  Will never get to feel as happy as I did while we lived there, ever again.

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