Baton’s May Be the Answer to the Gun Problem in the USA

Get baton training for self-defense over the internet if nothing else.  There are laws governing the sale and use of batons at this in some locations of our country.  You will need to check with local law enforcement to find out if there are any laws in your area you need to be concerned with.  Even the elderly can defend themselves with a baton.

Some police departments even offer baton self-defense training to the public.  With the way economy is today, everyone should learn how to defend themselves.  You may have to protect your own kids from would be attackers one day.  Think of saving a group of young children from an insane person with a gun, without having to fire a single shot.

Batons do not require expensive ammunition.  Supply the striking force yourself!  You may be the only adult with any self-defense training in the area, when someone attacks children.

Face it, police are spread pretty thin due to budget cuts around the country.  I’m not talking about going out and stirring up trouble, but you should be able to defend yourself and protect your family.  Learn how to stay calm when crisis presents itself to you and your family.

What would you do if someone threatened you or your family members?  Having self-defense training is the only way to prepare yourself before an emergency occurs.  You will be able to hopefully train your family members how to protect themselves.  Self preparedness is essential to protecting your family in emergencies!

Self-defense classes also provide a good workout, so if your goal is to help your family become physically fit you can kill two birds with one stone!  Signing your family up for self-defense classes can increase the self-esteem of bashful people who tend to hide away from the spot light,

My husband and I used to take tae kwondo lessons when we first started dating.  We both had a great time and it helped us get into better shape.  We stopped going because I was in the process of getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.   Miss both the workouts and my instructor.

Since we have moved several times to different places around the country, we have not been able to find a new instructor.  The benefits our instructor gave to the children he taught included self-confidence and goal setting.  Having a class with mixed age groups helps people learn how to get along with people of different ages.

5 thoughts on “Baton’s May Be the Answer to the Gun Problem in the USA

  1. wilanderson

    Very thoughtful post! I think some form of marital arts might be a good investment. I agree with Bob in that batons require a significant amount of upper body strength, but I might point out that firearms do as well. Firearms also require far more training, money, and safekeeping. In hindsight of the numerous cases of gun violence in the US that have garnered national attention, owning powerful firearms poses a small risk of a family member or other person getting a hold of the weapon to commit a crime. I think if an elderly person is capable of the safety required to defend against this, they are also capable of using a baton.


  2. 3boxesofbs

    While I encourage people to learn self defense; a baton may not be suitable for all folks. I noticed you mentioned the elderly, which I don’t understand.
    Many elderly have diminished strength, problems gripping objects due to arthritis and other medical conditions which makes hand to hand combat way less than optimal. Is having a baton better than not; absolutely….but firearms often make a better choice.

    Another consideration is that many jurisdictions consider batons to be deadly weapons on the part with firearms but don’t offer them as much protection as firearms. Texas, for example, allows Concealed Handgun Licences but it is illegal to carry a baton in the same areas you can carry a concealed pistol.

    Keep up the good work in spreading the word about self defense; it is more important that people have the attitude and mind set to defend themselves then any particular tool.

    Bob S.


  3. Marcus

    “Learn how to stay calm when crisis presents itself to you and your family.”
    That alone would make self-defense training worthwhile. I will have to look into this. I’ve never liked holding a gun … a baton I think I could do. Thank you for posting this!!



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