Face to Face Interview for College Application

I  needed to get escape my family by moving away to college.  My only chance at success was to land a full ride scholarship.  Fear made me sweat for no reason.  My responses to their questions had to shout out my desperation to get away from home.

When they asked me what type of books I liked to read, I answered truthfully.  Science fiction had always been my favorite escape from reality.  Then they asked what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Astronaut was my first answer.  After those 2 questions they wanted to know how my career choice and my reading material went together.  I replied with the first thing that came to mind.  They were both fantasies.  When the interview was over, I was pretty sure I had lost any chance at receiving an award.  When all the applicants got together with their families over supper. they let us know we had all received a full ride scholarship.  So somehow, I did not blow it too bad.

This would end up being more stressful than anything in my life.  And I made it through with shining colors.

I hope this will inspire others to go for their dreams, even if you can not justify it to others.

You’ll never know how high you can go unless you try!


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