All the Insane People Seem to Crawl Out of the Woodwork During the Holiday Season

Personally, I feel ALL the adults that died trying to protect the children in Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting were the true SUPER heroes.  They tried to save the kids and make them safer, without regard for their own safety. The surviving adults and emergency personnel attempted to keep the kids from getting scared any further by having them hold hands and close their eyes as they were led to safety.

Whoever performed that quick thinking protected the children from seeing all the destruction and blood as they were led to escape to safety.  People go to the movie theaters to watch fake super heroes like bat man and super man, but these people who helped the children of Connecticut are the real super heroes in flesh and blood.

I really doubt gun control would keep lunatics from killing people.  Maybe we should consider getting school employees licensed to carry firearms to protect the children they are responsible for.

Guns do not kill people.  People use guns to kill other people.  Guns put creatures out of their misery, some times when an animal needs to be put down due to injuries.  Remember back in the days of the wild west.  When a horse got injured it’s owner would have to shoot the poor animal to stop it from suffering any more.  Remember “Old Yeller”?  Unfortunately the animal had to be put down, that is just another polite way of saying killed.

The town of Cold Spring, Minnesota had a shooting in their high school back in 2003.  The killing in Connecticut brought back the old pain right after one of their police officers was shot responding to a person threatening to commit suicide.  The officer’s wife had just gotten pregnant with their first child together.

Is it just me, or does every distant relative seem to appear around the holidays?  Even if they have severely injured your family, they want your attention when you are trying to celebrate the joyous event.

You probably do not want to expose your family to this individual, but the nightmare does not go away peaceably! Your children and your older relatives do not need the added stress.

If you have elderly relatives living in nursing homes, the sites do not need additional outside people to worry about. Holidays are stressful enough for them as it is. Between lunatics attacking schools and gun men opening up fire on Christmas shoppers, when will it end?


4 thoughts on “All the Insane People Seem to Crawl Out of the Woodwork During the Holiday Season

  1. OldenGray

    I do not believe that all of them are insane. We tend to paint many people with that brush. Depression can take control of people during times that should be happy, holy and wonderful times, and turn them on auto-pilot to do things even they would know to be wrong. And of course, using the term relatives is slightly unfair as most everybody is related to somebody. I have seen the affects of depression through the eyes of many people and know that suicide can create a common bond when all hit that wall of self destruction. How each one deals with it is unpredictable, yet sad. Mental health needs to be taught in schools at an earlier age so people can recognize such signs and hopefully divert such actions, if possible.


    1. hallenterprises132 Post author

      Insanity actually runs in my mother’s side of the family. My relatives are certifiably nuts. I have tried to commit suicide once. Made the mistake of calling a friend to say good bye. Shortly after I hung up a police officer knocked on my door. Spent a few days in the crazy bin. Not going to repeat the mistake. Ever been in one of those places? People screaming all night. Needless to day, didn’t get much sleep. Experience about cost me my marriage. Do not want to risk that again! Jeanette Hall


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