Setting Goals Will Help You Achieve Success Life

The most important thing is to set and then complete many goals.  May scare you at first to set a goal.  But as you successfully complete the goal, you will want to set more of them.  You may surprise the people in your life by turning out to be a dependable person.  Not only can you now set goals. but you can achieve them too!

Make sure that they are SMART goals.  I need to elaborate on that last statement.  A SMART goal is achievable by design.  The goal is actually designed to be achievable!

Specific.  The goal must be specific.   You have to state exactly what the goal is.  Wanting to exercise by going for walks, how often and for what distance will the walk be?  If your goal is about writing, how many pages or words will you be writing and what time will you spend writing?

Measurable.  The goal must be able to be measured.  In the case of a walking goal, how far or how many steps will you take during which length of time?   Considering a goal on writing?  How many pages or words during what length of time?

Action oriented. Walking meets the definition of an action. Writing, also meets the criteria.

Realistic. The goal has to be realistic. In the case of recovering from a disability, you may have to restrict your self to a few feet of walking at first, but you will be able to see the changes regular walking will do for you.  If your goal is about writing, you may only be able to produce a page a day. Don’t set your self up to fail.

Time defined. Back to the case of walking, how long do you plan on spending on each walk? Or in the case of writing, how many minutes or hours do you plan on spending at writing?

With the SMART goals in place, you will start out on a journey to complete many tasks.

If you are operating a business, the reputation you will get for being able to complete your goals will be priceless! Customers will find they can depend on you to complete projects that you have set. Which would you personally prefer to use a dependable business or a flash in the pan type of business?

Many businesses fail to be able to live up to the projects they set for themselves. They did not set SMART goals. Granted you will not be able to successfully complete every single objective, but if you make SMART goals failure will be less common.

Good luck on setting up your new projects, but if they are SMART goals luck is not necessary!

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