The Interminable Wait for Return Call

Yesterday, a man that Amanda, woman from my insurance company, had suggested I get in touch with to see about having a ramp built to my house, came to inspect our house.  He was involved with a group that is listed out on the internet as  He will be in charge of getting the ramp up to my back door.

Looking forward to the freedom of coming and going from my house as I please.  Haven’t had that freedom since we left Colorado back in 2004.  Haven’t been able to drive in years,  Have not put a vehicle in ignition since we moved to this state back in 2008.  Will have to rely on public transportation, but it is a LOT safer in St. Paul, than it was in Hastings where we lived before we bought our house.  I really would like to make friends with our neighbors.  Know the older lady gardens, which I will be doing once I can get out of this house!  Maybe we can exchange helpful hints on growing in this area.

Have to start making friends in this new state.  Miss my friends from where I have lived previously.  Have lost contact with our old neighbors from Colorado.  Still keep in touch with friends from previous employers.


Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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